Hola Spanish students!


My name is Steve, co-owner of LetsGoSpanish which is an online-learning method that students use to learn how to speak Spanish with live tutors on Skype.

Our teachers all hail from the gorgeous town called La Antigua in Guatemala – a fantastic and comfortable place to visit and learn the Spanish language.

There is a big trend these days to learn languages online and not just in a classroom – why?  You can get an excellent experience learning the language for a very low cost speaking to not only native speakers, but trained and experienced as well.

Historically, many Spanish students excelled in reading and writing as these are easier to sell-teach and are a bit more passive.  If you didn’t have anyone to talk to, bulking up your conversational skills was next to impossible or very expensive working with a private tutor.  While all aspects of a language are important, conversation I believe is the most as it is the most primitive way that we communicate day in and day out.  This is where LetsGoSpanish comes in – we try to help you exercise your conversational skills, and help you grow it so that you feel more confident everyday.  We teach you grammar, sentence structures, and how to use the correct pronunciations and intonations.  That is all well and good, but it is more than that – we provide you with a venue to talk, listen and comprehend.  You will always hit your head on the ceiling unless you just go out and TALK.  This is active learning, and the way your mind will remember more words, conjugations, rules, and start to intuitively know when a sentence just “sounds” right.

There are many great resources on the net that are free, and serve their purpose for language learning.  As we continue and build our blogging presence, I will attempt and guide you as best as I can to top materials available to all levels of Spanish speakers.  We will also be blogging about interesting topics and ideas pertaining to Spanish – whether it be grammar points, everyday conversation tips, or even colloquial sayings that vary country to country.  Heck – we may even teach you how to say dirty words once in a while!

We hope that you will find us to be a good resource for your learning goals in Spanish.  We’d like to keep it very casual yet informative and fun!  At any time you’d like a specific topic discussed, please feel free to request one!

In the meantime, we are active posters on twitter, so please visit out website, have a free trial Spanish class and follow us for daily tweets on new words and phrases.

Hasta pronto!

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