Lets TRY to learn Spanish! Tratar vs. Intentar vs. Probar vs…….

Like any language, many of the difficulties in learning Spanish is when there are multiple words for one single one in English (and vice versa)!

One word that comes up often is what we’d say “to try”.  There are actually several words in Spanish that equate to “to try” in English, today we will focus on the main ones that you will come across in coversation: Probar, Probarse, Intentar, Tratar de, Juzgar, Esforzarse.

  • Probar (to test) – Quiero una clase de prueba con esta escuela.  (to taste) – El no probó los vegetales por que sabía que no le iban a gustar.
  • Probarse (to try on) – Me gustaría probarme esta camisa.
  • Intentar (to attempt) – Estoy intentando aprender Español.
  • Tratar de (to attempt) – Estoy tratando de aprender Español.  ***Note that without the “de” the translation will then be, “to treat” or “to deal with”, so be careful!
  • Juzgar (to try in a legal setting)  Ella será juzgada por sus acciones en corte.
  • Esforzarse (to strive) – Me esfuerzo por hacer lo mejor.

This list isn’t all-inclusive, but should be the bulk of the “to trys” that you use in your everyday life!

Why don’t you try (intentar!!!) to use these examples today in your conversations?




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