Let’s Go to the Gym! – Common Spanish phrases while working out.

Learning the basics of Spanish conversation is great.  But how many times have you felt like you increased your Spanish significantly, only to hear a conversation that you barely understand.  Most likely, you are hearing slang – and coming across it in everyday life will definitely happen.  Often, you are hearing so many “foreign” words to you, that the ones you do know get all mashed up in between, thus you feel like it’s a complete new language all of the sudden!

To be honest, this will happen time and time again – and unfortunately, you’ll have to understand that it takes time (sometimes a lot) to learn the Spanish slang that is truly useful.

Today I was at the gym, and I noticed a trainer and a gym member working out, both speaking Spanish together, and I hear a lot of this “slang” that you may encounter should you hear people at the gym talking.  Of course, the slang that you hear may be about anything under the sun, but today let’s focus on some of the Spanish words and phrases that you may hear working out at the gym.  Some of these may not be slang per se, but carry a common usage:


How many days do you work out in a week?  ¿Cuántas veces a la semana haces ejercicio?

Stretching & Warming up is important before you start your workout session.  Es muy importante el estiramiento y calentamiento antes de iniciar a entrenar.

What muscles will you work on today?   ¿Qué músculos trabajaras hoy? 

It is recommended to use gloves & support belt when lifting weights.  Es recomendable utilizar guantes, cincho para cuando se entrena pesas.  

I hate doing legs, my muscles kill me the next few days!  ¡Odio hacer piernas, mis músculos me matan los proximos dias!

It is recommended to develop an training routine.  Es bueno elaborar un programa de rutinas de entreno.

How many sets do you have left?  ¿Cuántas series te quedan?

Do you mind if I work in?  ¿Te importa si hacemos ejercicio juntos?

Try doing the sets of biceps sitting down, it’s harder that way!  ¡Trata de hacer series de bíceps sentado, es mas dificil de esa manera!

Try not to bend like that, keep a good form!  ¡Trate de no doblarse asi, mantenga una buena posicion!

What do the dumbbells go up to in this gym?  ¿Qué tan alto llegan las pesas en este gimnasio?

I’m looking for a flat bench.  Estoy buscando una banca plana.

I like to do low weight, high-reps for my calves.  Me gusta hacer peso bajo y altas repeticiones para mis musculos de las pantorillas.

Can you spot me?  I’m going to try for 6-8 reps.  ¿Me echas una/un mano/ojo?  Voy a tratar de hacer 6-8 repeticiones.

Good man… keep pushing… it’s all you!  ¡Buen trabajo…sigue precionando/empujando…es todo tuyo!

Nice set!  ¡Buena serie!

Cardiovascular exercises are excellent for you.  (running, swimming, bicycle) etc.  Es bueno hacer ejercicios cardiovasculares  (correr, nadar, bicicleta)  

I am training for a (running,  swimming, bicycle etc.) competition.   Estoy entrenando para una competencia de ( Correr, Nadar, Bicicleta, etc.)

Don’t forget to stretch after.  No olvides estirarte despues.

Try these during your next workout if you are working out with a friend or hear someone who can speak Spanish!


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