Spanish Language Basics: Prepositions

Today we are going a bit back to the basics, and talk about Spanish Prepositions.  Prepositions are words that relate a noun or pronouns to some other word in the sentence.

Prepositions are an essential building block of a proper sentence, and are used in every Spanish conversation.  While they are relatively easy to learn, I think it is good practice to once in a while review to make sure that your understanding and memory of them are clear

For example:

  • Yo voy a la tienda.I’m going to the store.
  • Ella estudia con George.She studies with George.
  • Trabajo en la biblioteca.I work in the library.


Now let’s look at one by one these prepositions:

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GUATEMALTEQUISMOS: Guatemalan Expressions in Spanish:

This week, we’d like to expand your horizons and to go “off-textbook” and teach you some useful everyday phrases in Spanish. “Guatemaltequismos” are sayings, words or idioms typical in Guatemala – the phrases and expressions are used in “the street” for referring to certain things but in a funny or very casual way in this country.  Keep in mind that these are common in Guatemala specifically, some words/phrases may be understood in other Latin American countries.  Having at least some of these in your back pocket will surely go a long way towards the goal of fluency – and the locals will be impressed!

Here is a list of some Guatemaltequismos:

Amishara verb for being shy, or embarrassed.

  • La niña es muy amishada. – She is very shy.


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