More about Spanish Prepositions

We have already studied the rules of how to use prepositions in Spanish; we hope that this information has been useful to you. Now we will study Spanish verbs that use prepositions and some phrases or expressions that are formed using prepositions.

As we saw, prepositions can be used in various ways; they can express location, use, places, destination, etc. Today, we will see how to use them to accompany verbs

Prepositions with infinitives

In Spanish, the infinitive is the only verb form that may immediately follow a preposition. So, after a preposition the verb must be in the infinitive

For example:

  • Ella salió sin cerrar  la puerta.She went out without closing the door.
  • Vamos a nadar en la piscine.We are going to swim in the pool.
  • Ellos acaban de llegar.They have just arrived.


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