More Spanish Expressions with Verbs

This is the second edition on learning some common Spanish Expressions with Verbs.  Don’t miss the first-part which focuses on the verbs: Acabar, Dar, Dejar, Echar, Haver and Hacer.

Today, we’ll focus on: Perder, Ponerse, Tener, Volver, and some other commonly used expressions.


(ponerse + adjective – to become)

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Common Spanish Expressions with Verbs

As you will discover while learning Spanish, many verbs can take on different meanings than what you initially learned, and are used idiomatically to create other various expressions. Dar generally means “to give”; however in combination with other words as you will see, a whole new useful vocabulary list emerges.

Today, we’ll start a two-part mini-series on common expressions with verbs in Spanish.  Specifically, expressions with: Acabar, Dar, Dejar, Echar, Haber and Hacer.

Expressions with ACABAR

acabar de + infinitive ­– to have just

acabar por + infinitiveto end by, to finally

For example:

  • Acabo de volver de la escuela.I have just returned from school.
  • Se enfermó gravemente y acabó por morir.He became seriously ill and finally died.


(dar de beber (comer) a)

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