Comparative Constructions in Spanish: More/Less, Older/Younger etc.

A very good sentence construction in Spanish to learn early on is the comparative statement.  Here you can refer to something or someone in reference to something (one) else – whether is it a comparison on equal or non-equal.  As you will see below, the constructions are actually quite easy, and soon you will be comparing things left and right in Spanish!

Comparisons of Equality

 Tan + adjective (or adverb) + comoas (equal)… as

For example:

  • Jorge es tan fuerte como tú.Jorge is as strong as you.
  • Ellos están tan aburridos como yo.They are as boring as I.
  • Ella baila tan bonito como su hermana.She dances as well as her sister.


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How to Tell Time in Spanish

This basic lesson focuses on how to ask for and tell the time of day in Spanish, as well as expressing the days of the week.  Compared to other topics, it is fortunately one that you may be able to read through just a couple of times, and get the hang of it.  Don’t be afraid to read it out loud!!  Try asking yourself the questions, and then responding back.

 ¿Qué hora es? Is equivalent to “What time is it?”


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