More Spanish Expressions with Verbs

This is the second edition on learning some common Spanish Expressions with Verbs.  Don’t miss the first-part which focuses on the verbs: Acabar, Dar, Dejar, Echar, Haver and Hacer.

Today, we’ll focus on: Perder, Ponerse, Tener, Volver, and some other commonly used expressions.


(ponerse + adjective – to become)

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The Spanish Verb TENER – Meanings and Everyday Uses

In our second piece on three verbs (Dar, Tener, and Hacer) to discuss their main uses, but more importantly (and more interestingly) their alternate usages.  Today  we will focus today on the verb “tener” which in English is “to have”.

Yo tengo – I have

Tú tienes – You have

Él/ella tiene – He/she has

Nosotros tenemos– We have

Ellos/ellas tienen – They have

Ustedes tienen – You (pl) have


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